RFM NT ARE Leaders in No-Till Farm Machinery

RFM NT is a leading innovator in the manufacture of retrofit No-Till Farm Machinery. Now in our second generation, for decades we’ve overcome challenges and celebrated triumphs with our customers. We’re about innovating to create new machinery that farmers want to buy.


The extremes of seasons and droughts in Australia always seemed to bring the best out of the Ryan family. Father and son team, Austin and Paul, saw these pressures as opportunities to further develop farm machinery, especially No-Till systems.


Paul, now managing the company, has witnessed a multitude of struggles during downturns in the farm economy. In turn, this has driven his philosophy on fighting adversity and the lessons it teaches. Paul explains, “Whenever I have faced a challenge, I’ve learnt how to go out and fight the battle and never give up. You need to figure out how to grow again and move forward. Those are the times that make you think, re-approach and re-innovate.”


RFM NT products are the result of decades of refinements and constant focus on developing new No-Till farm machinery. Further to this, being an industry leader in Australian farm machinery, Paul has travelled the world to share the best farming practices and techniques. Paul says, “It doesn’t matter if I talk to a farmer in Kazakhstan or the USA – the business of farming comes down to the core. How they practice may vary, but how they approach the idea of getting seed in is practically the same. They say the RFM product is an innovative, easy-to-use product and that makes their planting practice more productive.”


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