RFM NT Coil Closing Wheel On Double Disc


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Coil Closing Wheel from the No-Till Retrofit Leaders in Ag - RFM NT

The RFM NT CWS2000 Coil Closing Wheel has become a proven aftermarket part for planters. This status is due to how well it self-cleans and closes furrows firm, to eliminate air pockets and enhance seed-to-soil contact for even emergence and more significant crop growth.


Ryan Farming Machinery created the coil closing wheel from the continuous focus on evolving their coil press wheel range for seed drills and planters.


The material of the coil is spring steel, which means you no longer need to replace splitting or deteriorating rubber wheels. The design of the coil wheel makes it easy to replace worn cast or rubber wheels using your existing equipment and parts.


The closing wheels are an effective system that has shown excellent results on both single or double disc seeders.

The unique action of the coil wheel system

Conventional rubber, spiked, or cast closing wheels can cause poor germination due to the effects of poor seed to soil contact or trench cracking.


The auger action of the coil compacts soil tight and screws the slot closed for a better press than other systems on offer. Further to this, the coil shifts an excellent tilth across the soil surface, which means the furrow will retain moisture and avoid cracking.


Conventional closing wheels on double discs systems usually require adding chains to the row unit, which drag the tilth across the top of the furrow. One of the main issues with using chains is they can pull stubble out and drag it through the furrow, which usually means they will probably pull valuable seed out or dry out the furrow.


The RFM NT Coil Closing Wheel also offers an easily adjustable adapter for single disc seeders so that you can change the angle or aggression of the wheel. Furthermore, enhancing the ability to close the furrow based on soil types and conditions.


Consistently closing the seed slot is critical for uniform emergence in addition to maximizing yields. Open seed slots can cause cold temperatures to descend to the roots, which can result in losses.

Break down sidewall compaction

Wet soils are easily compacted, and sidewall compaction during planting can be a problem. When waiting for soils to dry patience is required, but if the next rain is coming or the yield penalty for late planting is growing, it’s hard to wait. Which, in turn, forces farmers to seed their crops in higher than ideal soil moisture conditions. 


When planting crops into these conditions, there is a high chance of sidewall compaction occurring. Planter disc openers may also create some sidewall smearing while pushing the soil outward toward the furrow.


The RFM NT CWS2000 Coil Closing Wheels have shown to be highly effective in breaking down sidewall compaction caused by the smearing action of a disc opener in higher soil moisture conditions.


Furthermore, even more, outstanding results can be achieved when also fitting your existing disc opener planter with our RFM NT CWS2000 Coil Gauge Wheel. The combination can help create the ideal seed environment, leading to even emergence and higher yields. The action of the gauge wheel screws away dry soil, leaving optimum conditions for the closing wheel to screw moist soil against seed. These benefits are in addition to the self-cleaning system and not having to replace rubber wheels.


Whats in it for you

2 Compression Spring Coils

  • Natural flex of the spring coil allows the wheel to self-clean.

  • Keeps the dry soil away from the seed trench.

  • No more plugging and cracking

  • Better Germination.

Spring Steel

  • Overcomes replacing rubber tyres.

Fixed axle option

  • Easily retrofit to planters.

Adjustable axle option

  • Can change the angle or aggression depending on the seeder and soil type.

  • Easily retrofit for single disc airseeders.

  • Ideal for gassing.

Adapter suited for most single disc airseeders

  • Change over your warn closing wheels with ease.

Waterpump 5023 Bearing

  • Reduced downtime for maintenance.

RFM NT Coil Wheels vs Rubber gauge and spike closing Wheels in muddy conditions

RFM NT closing and gauge wheel comparison wide


Wheel OD:


Coil Thickness:


Coil Material:


Plate material:


Plate thickness:


Adapter Axle bolt:





12” (300mm)

0.5” (12mm) spring wire

Spring Metal

Pressed Metal



Waterpump 5203



Models for John Deere, Kinze, AGCO White, Serafin, Great Plains, Norseman, Excel and Boss.

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