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Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels For Australian Farmers

The RFM NT Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels is our latest innovation on the market for all Australian farmers to utilise.  This farm equipment is suitable for precise seeding in both conventional or no-till conditions.

Out-Performing the Conventional Market

The Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels system is designed for operators who demand the utmost precision, reliability and control. Since its release, our product has proven to outperform the conventional rubber and cast systems that are currently on the market. 

We’ve designed this exciting innovation in several parts.  The unique action of the Gauge Wheel is to screw the dry soil away from the furrow, followed by the Closing Wheel screwing the moist soil against the seed. This results in much superior germination for farmers. Combined with the cushioning action of the Coil, this allows for precise seeding, whether it be in conventional or no-till conditions.

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Leading in Industry Innovation

The Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels is just one of our flagship products. RFM NT has a long and proud history of innovation, delivering farm equipment far ahead of their times. This begins in 1960 with the licensing of our Scaravator cultivator. This was followed by the Ryan Scaravator, the first spring release wideline cultivator, in 1972, and then the pioneering airseeder in the summer of 1976, the single disc planter in 1983, and the deep banding system in 1986.  

Today, this innovative spirit is at the core of what we do and how we continue to deliver productivity for farmers.

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