New Ausplow DBS and Equalizer Retrofits - Recent Developments In RFMNT Disc Seeding Systems

By RFMNT 30 April 2021

RFMNT has created a solution allowing those with Ausplow DBS and Equalizer tine systems to convert to discs. Disc seeding systems are back in the spotlight. This is due to being a technology to aid water conservation and improve soil health in cropping systems.


Around 15 years ago, researchers in Western Australia (W.A.), undertook extensive studies into disc systems. In conclusion, the discs improved soil moisture storage, due to minor soil disturbance and better stubble retention. Discs can enable a faster seeding operation than tine seeders. At times, they have proved challenging in sandy soils due to hair-pinning stubble. The studies also showed challenges with creating the soil disturbance required to activate some herbicides. In addition, these systems can be expensive and high maintenance with lots of moving parts.


The RFMNT retrofit double-disc system has overcome these limitations. For one thing, RFMNT’s discs have a leading serrated disc that helps cut stubbles and reduce hair-pinning. The double-disc opener has enough of an angle offset to move dry, non-wetting topsoil aside. As a result, this allows the closing tool or seeding boot to place the seed into wet soil. In turn, keeping it away from the non-wetting layer. An advantage of the RFMNT disc assemblies is growers can retrofit them to an existing bar. For this reason, it is cheaper than buying a complete new seeding unit. This setup, significantly, makes it affordable to trial the disc system.

Benefits For Soil Amelioration with Ausplow DBS And Equalizer Discs

The discs are a potential fit in the sandplains, as they can be used for two years after amelioration. Particularly, this practice can re-establish stubble cover and minimise soil disturbance by tine machines for the third season. In turn, this can manage root diseases and increase the range of herbicides that can be used.

Agronomists have implemented trials at Mullewa in W.A.. The trials tested if different fertiliser rates caused nutrient toxicity when wet-sowing into a drying seedbed with a disc system. The agronomists performed the testing on wheat, canola and lupins. Sowing into a drying seedbed is a common scenario in the northern wheat belt. Also, it isn’t easy to separate the seed and fertiliser in a disc system. The RFMNT DBS and Equalizer double-disc adapter’s front boot system allows growers to separate seed and fertiliser accurately.

Overall, discs offer many benefits. Growers can enhance their performance by adopting precise GPS guidance, with implement steering. This system will accurately run the disc next to the previous stubble row. Growers will also see improved performance by combining with controlled traffic farming.

RFMNT Ausplow DBS Double Disc - Ausplow DBS Equalizer Discs

RFMNT Double Discs fitted to Ausplow DBS Tine Seeder in Coorow, Western Australia

New Developments for Ausplow DBS and Equalizer Discs

Ausplow DBS

The concept started recently when a grower from Northampton W.A. trialled two units in his wheel tracks. Mainly, to see if the system could handle the rocky conditions. He was sick of losing too much crop from pulling up stones. After trialling the discs, the grower was impressed and ordered a complete set for the next season. The grower found that he got more bang for his buck. He no longer pulled stones and found superior germination in his non-wetting sands of the sandplain country. His DBS is a 60′ rig on 12″ spacing.
RFMNT Ausplow DBS Double Disc - Ausplow DBS Equalizer Discs

RFMNT Double Discs fitted to Ausplow DBS Tine Seeder


Paul Ryan created this adaptor to service the other common tine machine used across W.A., the Equalizer Tine Seeder. Comparatively, the Equalizer Tine system is similar in design to the Ausplow DBS. The RFMNT adapter allows growers to use the RFMNT front seeding boot. Furthermore, giving growers the ability to either place liquid or granular fertiliser away from the seed. This system was developed by working with various experts based across the W.A. region. In addition to this, it was also conceived from the research and design work for the DBS system.  

RFMNT Double Disc fitted to Equalizer tine - Ausplow DBS Equalizer Discs

RFM NT Double Discs fitted to Equalizer tine seeder

RFMNT has models to suit RFM, AFM, Allan Johns, Ausplow DBS, Boss, Bourgault, Conservapac, Ezee On, Flexicoil, Horwood Bagshaw, Gason, Gyral, Janke, John Shearer, John Deere, Morris, Simplicity and Smale.

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