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Retrofit Double Discs from No Till Retrofit Leaders in Ag - RFM NT

If you’re considering upgrading your seeder, the RFM NT Retrofit Double Discs are the perfect double disc seeder conversion.


Above all, this low-cost system makes light work of stubble and trash conditions in all soil types.  Therefore, allowing farmers to plant early in dry conditions without making a mess or blocking up in the wet.


Most importantly, this system allows you to retain more moisture when seeding than a standard tyne point system.


The Double Disc Openers feature unique offset disc coulters, which allow extra penetration and easier cutting, compared to the standard wedged designs.


In particular, the plain and serrated coulters work together to give you good tilth and enough soil through for chemical incorporation. This feature is coupled with a unique front seeding boot design, to avoid blocking issues and give the perfect seed placement.


Furthermore, this multipurpose system can turn any conventional tyne planter into a highly versatile disc planter.


In conclusion, with the RFM NT Double Discs you do not have to purchase an expensive new disc seeder. Rather you can easily convert your existing planting tyne trip for dual purpose.


There can be even greater results for seed drills when the discs are used in synchronisation with the RFM NT Press Wheels


Whats in it for you

18" (450mm) diameter Plain & Serrated Discs

  • Greater cutting.

  • Plant in harder conditioners than traditional wedge design.

  • 20 – 30% higher speeds than tynes, depending on conditions.

  • The serrated lead disc sits 25mm in front of the plain disc to improve penetration.

15 degree working angle

  • No hairpinning.

  • Cut through challenging stubble, whether that be canola or cereal.

Moisture Retention

  • Greater yields.

Double Bevel Discs

  • For ease of penetration

  • Plates are recessed to handle rough conditions

Recessed design

  • Adds reinforcement to handle rough conditions.

30mm Offset axles

  • For ease of penetration and cutting

Heavy duty axle system

  • Handles harsh conditions.

Reduced draft

  • Up to 50% less fuel required.

Seeding Boot Bracket

  • Up to 50% more productivity.

Front seed boot

  • Excellent seed placement combined with v-shaped cutting into the furrow.

High Quality Tapered Bearings

RFM NT hub cutaway with tapered bearings

Hub cutaway

  • Reduced downtime for maintenance.

Spring Loaded Tungsten Scrapers

  • Longer wearing.
  • Noticeable Reduced mud build-up.

Adjustment Spacers

  • Adjust the cutting edge between the two discs when wear happens.

Large range of adapters and shanks

  • Different designs to retrofit to different tyne assemblies.
Paul Ryan with RFM NT Double Discs RFM NT.


Disc OD:






Disc Weight:

18″ (450mm)



Hardened cast steel



  • Single chute or double chute.
  • Rear small seeds boot.
  • Double plain disc combination to reduce throw when pasture seeding.
  • Standard Combination for most broadacre planting applications.
  • Various disc shank models.

Models for

RFM, AFM, Allan Johns, Ausplow, Bourgault, Conservapac, Ezee On, Flexicoil, Horwood Bagshaw, Gason, Gyral, Janke, John Shearer, John Deere, Morris, Simplicity and Smale 

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