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Retrofit Double Discs from the Leaders in Agricultural Equipment

If you’re considering upgrading your planter, the RFM NT Retrofit Double Discs is the perfect retrofit option. This low-cost system makes light work of stubble and trash conditions in all soil types, and allows farmers to plant early while it’s still dry. Look no further for your next planter.

Unique Agricultural Equipment Design

The Retrofit Double Discs features a unique offset of the disc coulters. This allows extra penetration and easier cutting, compared with the standard wedged double disc designs. The plain and serrated coulters work together to give you good tilth and enough soil through for chemical incorporation. 

This feature is coupled with a unique front seeding boot design, to avoid blocking issues and give the perfect seed placement. This multipurpose system can turn any conventional tyne planter into a highly functional disc planter.  The Retrofit Double Discs allows you to plant early in the dry, by avoiding making clods or blocking.

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Why Choose RFM NT?

RFM NT is one of the largest privately held manufacturers of agricultural equipment in Australia. At the same time, we’re a second-generation family business.

Our story began in 1960 when Austin Ryan, a young farmer from Beulah in Victoria, began developing farm equipment in his workshop. After licencing his first cultivator, the Scaravator, Austin realised there was a real need for agricultural equipment that improved productivity during planting. The rest, as they say, is history.

Austin’s innovative Scaravator design overtook the rest of the industry and propelled the company to a leadership role. Today, son Paul is proud to present the Retrofit Double Disc as the next generation in agricultural equipment innovation.

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To learn more about the Retrofit Double Discs, call (+61) 417 354 617