RFM NT Ryan Tyne Cultivator Tine Working in trash conditions


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The RFM Ryan Tyne NT Series from the leader in No-Till manufacturing for Ag -RFM NT

The RFM Ryan Tyne is one of the most well-known tine’s for direct drill farming throughout the world. Its heavy duty features have lead the field in retrofit planting equipment. With its ability to fit most frames and heavy duty hardened cast frame, it can stand the harshest conditions.


Due to it’s success, the RFM Ryan Tyne it is now nearing its fourth decade in the marketplace. In addition, RFM NT has also cemented itself as Australia’s leading No-Till cultivator tine supplier.


The RFM Ryan Tyne NT Series is the number one tine due to its special design features, which include a robust greaable pivot point system and use of high-grade cast steel. 


The tine is ideal for those looking for a spring release system, rather than a spring curly tine. For those looking to switch over, the multipurpose mount can fit most common RHS frames, including a diamond frame.


As a result of strength being in mind, the cultivator tine trip assembly is made of high-grade cast steel. This gives it superior strength and versatility, making sure the product will last through the toughest and roughest conditions.


The Ryan Tyne’s 175mm x 25mm pivot is constructed with a tapered bolt and nut to avoid wear in the mount housing, along with a high-grade brass bush. Furthermore, the pivoting headstock is designed with a rubber dampener and holes for adjustable height.


The tine trip assembly can be simply fitted with either the Ryan Self-cleaning tyne shank or RFM NT Double Disc shank. The trip also allows for easy replacement of tines should they become worn.


This premium cultivator tine has worked in all soil types and conditions around Australia and further to this has proven to outperform other systems on the market.


In addition to this, greater depth control can be achieved in either single or double chuting, by fitting the contour-following RFM NT coil press wheel, with a seed boot independent from the tyne.


Notably, better seed to soil contact can also be achieved when using the contour-following RFM NT CWS2000 coil press wheel system in addition to The Ryan tyne. The combination of self-cleaning tyne and coil press wheel consistently delivers accurate seed placement in dry or sticky conditions. The tyne mounted press wheel model model has a seed boot independent from the tyne, which allows for greater depth control in either single or double chuting.

long History in the industry

The Ryan Tyne has a longstanding history and has been through many advancements to keep up with the evolving agricultural industry.


The Ryan Tyne was born in the early 1970s, when Austin Ryan OAM, developed it to suit the first green and yellow model “Ryan Scaravator”.


Austin began working with tyne systems back in the 1950s when he saw a need for a wideline spring release tyne cultivator, also known as the yellow and black model “Scaravator”. This system was different from the other spring tyne models on the market. It had Mitchell straight tynes with single bolt hole 45-degree foot with a 7/16 bolt hole.


Austin created the tyne because he saw the need for a self-cleaning shank. In the beginning, he made up a toolbar with various shaped shanks to find one that would clean the best. The shank design he chose for the Ryan Tyne had the well-recognised edge on curve at the bottom, with a 35-degree lean forward. This shape allows trash to be cleared from the bottom and drop off if it gets around the bend.


The secret to any tyne mechanism is not only its trash handling ability but its longevity, as many would know, the Ryan Tyne has always been recognised for its wide and strong pivot.


The Ryan Tyne today is undoubtedly the most sort after tyne for no-till direct drill farming. It can fit most standard frames, has a large breakout range, and recently the ability to quickly change from a tyne shank to a double disc assembly.


Whats in it for you

Large Pivot Point 175mmx25mm

  • Longevity.

Adjustable Height

  • For adjustment if required.

Adjustable Angles

  • To suit different points if required.

Edge On Shank 50mmx20mm

  • Designed to self clean.

Built-in rubber dampener

  • Avoid damage on recoil.


  • 400lb/180kg breakout
Ryan Tyne cultivator tine on RFM XT3000


Underframe Clearance:

Bolt hole foot Angle:

Double bolt hole foot Angle:


45 degrees

47 degrees


  • Single chute or double chute.
  • RFM Double Disc assembly can be fitted to the tine.
  • Available in self-clean design or straight.
  • Available in a double or single bolt.


  • Will fit most standard cultivator, hoe-drill, scarifier or chiselplow frames
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