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Coil Press Wheel from the No Till Retrofit Leaders in Ag – RFM NT

The RFM NT CWS2000 Spring Coil Press Wheel is the answer to the challenges found when using precision seeding systems. The unique self-cleaning and self-closing action of the RFM NT Coil Press Wheel makes it a revolutionary press wheels for planters.

Get great germination

The RFM NT press wheel is self-cleaning, so it works in heavy trash, sticky soil conditions, or sand and it isn’t affected by small rocks. The unique coil design presses air from the soil around the seed, producing great seed-to-soil contact while maintaining superb seed placement at the desired planting depth.

The unique squeezing action of the coil self-cleans sticky soil and trash, avoids picking up the seed and outstandingly closes off the furrow. The coil wheel handles stubble exceptionally, which is essential to avoiding picking up seed from the furrow. The coil wheels naturally squeeze the seed, which reduces putting too much pressure directly on the surface, which can lead to crusting or air pockets around the seed.


The good soil-to-seed contact created by the RFM NT press wheels allows seeds to germinate with ease. It creates an excellent loose tilth above the seed and a hard press, which gives farmers a better potential for a good yield.  As the coil wheel do not build up with mud or trash, they allow for precise seed placement.

Options to suit your machine

The 16” coil press wheels are available with 2 or 3 coils to match the closing action needed. 


The RFM NT CWS2000 Coil Press Wheel is available in:

  • A standalone rear mount press wheel assembly;
  • A simple retrofit upgrade to other press wheel models or;
  • A tyne mounted model.

The tyne-mounted model for precision seeding can come with or without a seeding boot. The Coil Press Wheel is eliminating the hassles and pitfalls of conventional rubber systems. For instance, the material of the coil is spring steel, which means farmers do not have to replace splitting or deteriorating rubber wheels. It has been proven successful in most conditions from sticky trash to sand. 


These drill press wheels have shown excellent results when planting cotton, small grains, canola, corn, soybeans and grasses.


Using press wheels correctly, can significantly increase emergence and improve seedling durability.


The main benefits for using drill press wheels include:


  • Increase seed-soil contact
  • Maximise moisture retention
  • Increase local soil compaction, which restricts insect movement and consequent damage to seeds and seedlings
  • Reduce emergence depth by decreasing the distance between the seed and the soil surface
  • Improve uniformity of soil coverage across the width of a planting machine
  • Close the furrow to prevent surface light penetration, reducing the risk of premature sub surface leaf emergence
  • Concentrate rain into the seed furrow, promoting faster secondary root development

RFM NT is a leader in developing and building equipment for no-till farming. The 40-year-old company now offers several types of coil wheels including gauge wheels, closing wheels, double disc and press wheels.


Whats in it for you

Coil Spring Wheel

  • Self-cleans in mud
  • Leaves a firm tilth without smearing or crusting
  • No splitting or deteriorating rubber
  • Better reliability and serviceability.

Adjustable Compression Spring on the mount

  • Easily adjust pressure when moving to different conditions.

Mounting Bracket

  • Can fit 50 x 50 or 75 x 75 RHS frames.

Seeding Boot Bracket

  • Easily attach seeding boot.
  • For planting canola or small seeds into the furrow.

Brass bush pivots

  • For higher wearing.
RFM NT Spring Coil Press Wheels


2 Coil Wheel Width:

3 Coil Wheel Width:
Wheel Size/OD:
Ideal pressure:

Uncompressed 50mm or 28mm when compressed

Uncompressed 75mm or 45mm when compressed
400mm (16”)
20lb / 9kg


Small Seed Boot

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Spring Coil Press Wheels