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Coil Press Wheel from Leaders in Australian Agricultural Machinery

The RFM NT Coil Press Wheel is our answer to the challenges and new practises in precision farming. It naturally squeezes around the seed for precision seed placement. As a second-generation family business, we pride ourselves on keeping in touch with the needs of farmers. You ask, we deliver.

Precision Seed Placement Solutions

Our RFM Coil Press Wheel is our answer for precision seed placement that gives the best chance of successful germination. It’s designed to naturally squeeze around the seed during planting. This avoids putting pressure directly on top, which would leave air pockets packed around the seed. 

By giving better contact between the seed and the soil, the Coil Press Wheel leads to more precise seed placement, rather than smearing or building up. It also eliminates the hassles and pitfalls of conventional rubber systems. 

The Coil Press Wheel is available as a standalone press wheel assembly, an upgrade to other models, or as a tyne mounted model.

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New Practises and New Challenges

Over the last two decades there has been a greater shift to precision farming technologies in Australia. Take the example of parallelogram seed planting. This aims to plant the seed at a precise depth, so reducing the risk of a bad seed placement, which would then result in poor germination. 

New practises come with new challenges. One thing we’ve noticed is that different soil types and conditions can press the wheels, causing unnecessary damage to agricultural machinery and holding up farm productivity. As an industry leader with a proud history of innovation, that’s where RFM NT steps in with the solution.