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Our Testimonials

RFM NT is an industry leader in modern farm equipment. As a second-generation family business, we pride ourselves on understanding and responding to the needs of Australian farmers. Driven by our commitment to innovation, we manufacture farm equipment that gets the job done. Below you’ll find the testimonials of some of our many customers who agree. 


Brad Jenkinson, Warracknabeal VIC

“I’ve always watched the innovative products of RFM.

I first bought the Coil Wheel Press Harrows and fitted them to our Simplicity bar. I now have a John Deere 1890 single disc planter. Just like when we needed to fix the mud & trash build up on the Simplicity, we had the same issue on the JD 1890. We first tried the RFM Coil Gauge Wheel in 2016 and immediately noticed the difference. We were able to get planting earlier in the morning and on even on unchoice today.”

_0000_Neal Postlethwaite

Neale Postlethwaite, Donald VIC

The Postlethwaite and Ryan families go back several decades, and have been working on No-Till concepts today since back in the ‘80s.

For Neal Postlethwaite, “RFM NT’s Double Discs are the most innovative concepts to help No-Till farming. With today’s planting demands of planting early, the RFM Double Disc was quickly and efficiently converted our planter to a world-class disc planter. Due to RFM NT’s Double Discs, we now get to fully see the advantages of planting early, by not creating clods in canola, and the unique front seed boot allows the system to work in sticky conditions.”

_0001_Mark Free

Mark Free, Quambatook VIC

“2019 was my first planting with a disc planter. Before I bought the planter I had the manufacturer demonstrate to me on my own farm. The demo unit was fitted up 3 different press wheels. The RFM Coil Closing Wheel system stood out the most, by closing off the furrow and breaking down the clods much better.

Once I purchased the disc planter with the RFM Coil Closing Wheels, Paul left me a Coil Gauge Wheel. When it got wet in May, the Coil Gauge Wheel stood out. Literally, there wasn’t any mud on the Coil Wheel where the rubber wheels were built up causing uneven seed placement or more wear and tear on the pivots. I’ve purchased a set for next year as I could see I could get my planting much earlier.”

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